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EstiMod® Calculator
for Workers' Comp

EstiMod is a powerful experience modification calculator
for the United States of America. EstiMod calculates both
intrastate and interstate (Multi state compatible), verify
past, existing and predict future mods at just $500/year.
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IntelliComp’s EstiModUSA brings balance to the Ex Mod Calculator universe.

At just $500/year, EstiModUSA is the most cost effective Ex Mod Calculator at as little as one-fifth the license cost of competitors.

Need California experience rating data with a fleet of tools for $600/year?
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IntelliComp is the leading provider of experience rating and workers’ compensation data in California since 1996. IntelliComp launches EstiModUSA at

IntelliComp and its EstiModUSA product are not associated in any manner with NCCI; the EstiModUSA Experience Modification Analysis Report is not an official NCCI Experience Rating Worksheet; and NCCI does not endorse the results produced from the EstiMod product.

Proprietary and Confidential. EstiModUSA provides for an ESTIMATE of an experience modification factor. Your official experience modification factor is issued solely by the applicable workers' compensation rating bureau.

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